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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Miley Cyrus Racy Pictures

The fascination with celebrity often goes too far, as is the case with Miley Cyrus, who once again finds that her "racy" pictures have leaked onto the Internet. The term "racy" must be put in quotes (feel free to use "steamy," "naughty," or any other synonym) because after two full years of Miley Cyrus controversies, these pictures rank low on the shock-o-meter.
The latest Miley photos feature her assistant pretending to lick her breast, with the former "Hannah Montana" star looking at the camera surprised. Another shows Cyrus posing amongst a few hard bodied men, where Miley lifts up her shirt to expose part of a tattoo that rests under her left breast.

While I let you catch your breath over such debauchery, is it time the media cool it with the Miley Cyrus shock and awe pieces? I admit to have bashed Cyrus relentlessly over her poor decisions, especially coming off her fresh cut Disney image.

But at this point, Miley Cyrus stories have become parodies of themselves. It's like reporting on Charlie Sheen's rampages or Lindsay Lohan's rehab setbacks. At some point, the story gets old, doesn't it?

At least Miley Cyrus is 18-years-old. She's old enough to legally do dumb things and young enough to, well, do dumb things. And let's be honest, these kind of "racy pictures" are nothing different than the images college kids snap at frat and sorority parties across the country.

After the pole-dancing stunt and the salvia bong hit seen 'round the world, were you really expecting anything different from Miley?

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