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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jurong Bird Park

In travel news from Singapore, Jurong Bird Park, one of four wildlife attractions managed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The world’s largest bird park offers special discounts and gifts in honor of its inhabitants and the millions of tourists who have made the park so long lived and beloved.
During your visit to Singapore, help the park celebrate this auspicious anniversary – be introduced to a world of flying friends you only ever read about.

New events and attractions, a play area for the kids, and a very cool Birds of Prey show, that’s what’s new and in store for visitors to Jurong this year. Opened in January of 1971, Jurong was the first such park in all Singapore.

Situated on over 20 hectares, this award winning habitat is now home to over 4,600 birds from over 380 of the species. But Jurong is even more significant as a symbol of conservation and avian biodiversity.

Jurong Bird Park was completely remodeled and additions were made in 2006. An African wetlands exhibit, a Bong Burgers, and a Ben & Jerry’s were also added for visitors’ convenience. conceived of by Dr Goh Keng Swee in the late 1960′s Jurong is truely a world treasure where bird zoos are concerned. No other facility boasts of 1001 flamingos.

Only Germany’s Vogelpark even comes close to comparing in terms of the numbers of species and the size of this park. And for one of the rarest experiences you will ever have, be sure and check out Asia’s first nocturnal bird-fest with Jurong’s “World of Darkeness” show featuring reverse lighting, where day is converted into night.

This fabulous display features 60 birds from 17 species, such as Night Herons and Fish Owls, in the natural nocturnal habitat. It’s actually a spectacle and a feeling you will never forget.

But perhaps the best thing about Jurong, aside all the enormity of the place, is the way visitors are actually engaged by the fascinating creatures that inhabit this magical place. There is truly something mystical and marvelous about our aviary friends, as you can see in the image at left.

From their research end breeding programs to the tiniest flying by a child’s ear, Jurong holds a treat in store for all who visit. Happy Birthday from Argophilia and the world guys.

Parties interested in Jurong can contact Ms Juanna Tan by calling (+65) 6661 7808. Be sure an check out the park’s Facebook pages as well. We leave you with a preview of Jurong courtesy Asia Travel.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IRS Refund

My IRS Refund - How to Estimate, File For and Track Personal Income Tax Refunds
By Karin Velez

It's that time of year again. Your personal income taxes are coming due and the date will be here quicker than you think. Now is the time to prepare your documents, file your taxes and get your IRS refund. How much will you get back and how long it will take to get it?

How Can I Estimate My IRS Refund?

If you want to know how much of an IRS refund you may get, start by collecting the information you'll need to get an estimate. There are a number of estimate sites out there (just do a search for "Tax Estimator"), but to use any of them you'll need the following information handy:

o Number of exemptions you'll be claiming
o Amount of your income from all sources
o Information on any deductions, payments and credits

The amount of an IRS refund you will receive will depend on the number of exemptions you claimed on your Form W-4 with your employer. The fewer exemptions you claimed, the more taxes that were taken out of your check. If this resulted in an overpayment of taxes you will receive an IRS refund. However, if you claimed more exemptions than you take on your return you may have underpaid and would owe taxes to the IRS. And, if you are self-employed and didn't make any estimated tax payments you may also owe taxes plus penalties.

How do I File for My IRS Refund?

To file your income taxes most people will need to fill out some version of IRS Form 1040. Depending on your circumstances there may be many additional forms to file to claim deductions or account for income. The easiest way to ensure you are filling out all the forms you need and claiming all the deductions you can is to use an online tax preparation site, like The site will ask you pertinent questions about your income, expenses and deductions and automatically fill in the correct forms for you. It will also allow you file electronically, which allows you to receive your IRS refund more quickly. There are also several new deductions and credits available this year due to the Economic Stimulus Plan which may make you more likely to get an IRS refund; sites like this will help you get the maximum number allowable.

When Will I Get My IRS Refund?

When you'll receive your IRS refund will depend on when and how you file your taxes. The IRS won't guarantee the date of any refund. But, they do have a general cycle. For most returns, if it is filed between Friday and the next Thursday, an electronic direct deposit will be sent on the Friday of the next week. For example, if you file your taxes between Friday, Jan. 15 and Thursday, Jan. 21 the direct deposit will be sent on Friday, Jan. 29. If you have opted to have a paper check mailed, however, the check won't be processed and mailed until a week later. In our example, that date would be Friday, Feb. 5. So, the quickest way to receive your refund is to opt for direct deposit when you file.

The IRS also has a way to look up the status of your refund. By going to the IRS website and clicking on the "Where's My Refund?" link, you can enter some personal information that allows the IRS to find the status of your refund. You can generally get this information 72 hours after the IRS acknowledges receipt of your e-filed return, or three to four weeks after mailing a paper return.

You'll need to provide the following information from your tax return:

o Your Social Security Number (or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)
o Your Filing Status
o The exact whole dollar amount of your refund

One of the biggest reasons for delayed IRS refunds is putting an incorrect address on your return, if requesting a paper check, or entering incorrect routing or account information, if you are requesting direct deposit. Be sure to double-check this information before filing for your IRS refund and, if you move after filing your return, be sure to update your address with the IRS.

Karin Velez is a freelance writer and editor whose expertise covers a wide range of topics, including finance, DIY, gardening and more. She and her husband live on their organic family farm in Peculiar, Missouri. More about Karin can be found at

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nicole Kidman

Full Name: Nicole Mary Kidman

Born on 20 June 1967 (1967-06-20) (age 43)
at Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Occupation: Actress, Spokes model

Years active: 1983–present

Spouse: Tom Cruise (1990–2001)...ohh what a lucky guy..

Keith Urban: (2006–present)

Skins Mtv

MTV VMAs History of Most Remarkable Performances
By Abel Alexander
MTV VMAs is known for giving the audience the most shocking moment in any awards night. I honestly don't think there is anyone that could compare. Who would forget the Rage Against The Machine bassist, Tim Commerford, climbing the stage props when they lost to Limp Bizkit. Britney - Madonna - Christina lip lock? Krist Novoselic of Nirvanna tossing his guitar into the air and landing on him?

I just hope that we don't get too caught up on these bits and forget about the other side of MTV VMAs. Through the years, they have successfully produced the best performances. Often, they put together artists that you never thought will go on stage together or give new interpretations to existing songs.

Below are some of the best performances.

Guns N Roses 1988 Welcome To The Jungle
This, for a long time, set the standard on what a rock performance should be. There was no fighting, no blood, and no gore. There only was Axl Rose at his best and the song that was to represent the music of this great band.

MC Hammer 1990 Can't Touch This
I have never seen any performance that got more people onstage than this. This was MC Hammer during his prime and at his best. He brought the entire arena on its feet. As if this was not enough, he returned in 2005 to perform the same song. You can see everyone with a grin on their face. It was real thrill for everyone. The more important thing is that he proved to everyone he still got it. Oh yeah, he still got it.

Marilyn Manson 1997 Beautiful People
This is actually Marilyn Manson being Marilyn Manson. The things he did on on this performance were nothing out of the ordinary relative to his regular concerts but to have done something like that on national television is fascinating. You have to admire MTV for taking a risk. He started his performance with a controversial speech. He then performed with his usual, uhm, energy. He took off his clothes midway to reveal a corset with the entire behind missing. Oh, he put an icing on the cake when his band destroyed some amps and half the stage.

Eminem 2000 The Real Slim Shady
Eminem, hundreds of them, swarmed the stage as The Real Slim Shady performs. Hundred of men with dyed hair, white top and gray sweat pants walked behind Eminem to the stage as he sang The Real Slim Shady. He was great, all Eminems were great.

Britney Spears All The Time All All Her Songs
Britney's striptease performance. She started out fully clothed and a quarter into the performance, she ripped her clothes off. She was wearing a skin tone dress but from afar, she looked half naked. Britney performed again in 2001, this time with a snake around her neck. Animal rights activists weren't happy. Again, she performed to make her comeback but this time, she didn't know her dance steps and didn't know her lyrics. She was lipsynching.

I don't know how the MTV VMA manages to shock us year after year. They seem to always pull a trick or two. I hope they come up with a show that would really be nothing else but a celebration of music and the ones who make them. Wait, I think that's what they are doing.

Abel Alexander has been internet marketing for nearly 8 years. Come visit his latest website over at CIC Hearing Aids which helps people find the best Sonic Hearing Aids and useful tips and information.