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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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MTV VMAs History of Most Remarkable Performances
By Abel Alexander
MTV VMAs is known for giving the audience the most shocking moment in any awards night. I honestly don't think there is anyone that could compare. Who would forget the Rage Against The Machine bassist, Tim Commerford, climbing the stage props when they lost to Limp Bizkit. Britney - Madonna - Christina lip lock? Krist Novoselic of Nirvanna tossing his guitar into the air and landing on him?

I just hope that we don't get too caught up on these bits and forget about the other side of MTV VMAs. Through the years, they have successfully produced the best performances. Often, they put together artists that you never thought will go on stage together or give new interpretations to existing songs.

Below are some of the best performances.

Guns N Roses 1988 Welcome To The Jungle
This, for a long time, set the standard on what a rock performance should be. There was no fighting, no blood, and no gore. There only was Axl Rose at his best and the song that was to represent the music of this great band.

MC Hammer 1990 Can't Touch This
I have never seen any performance that got more people onstage than this. This was MC Hammer during his prime and at his best. He brought the entire arena on its feet. As if this was not enough, he returned in 2005 to perform the same song. You can see everyone with a grin on their face. It was real thrill for everyone. The more important thing is that he proved to everyone he still got it. Oh yeah, he still got it.

Marilyn Manson 1997 Beautiful People
This is actually Marilyn Manson being Marilyn Manson. The things he did on on this performance were nothing out of the ordinary relative to his regular concerts but to have done something like that on national television is fascinating. You have to admire MTV for taking a risk. He started his performance with a controversial speech. He then performed with his usual, uhm, energy. He took off his clothes midway to reveal a corset with the entire behind missing. Oh, he put an icing on the cake when his band destroyed some amps and half the stage.

Eminem 2000 The Real Slim Shady
Eminem, hundreds of them, swarmed the stage as The Real Slim Shady performs. Hundred of men with dyed hair, white top and gray sweat pants walked behind Eminem to the stage as he sang The Real Slim Shady. He was great, all Eminems were great.

Britney Spears All The Time All All Her Songs
Britney's striptease performance. She started out fully clothed and a quarter into the performance, she ripped her clothes off. She was wearing a skin tone dress but from afar, she looked half naked. Britney performed again in 2001, this time with a snake around her neck. Animal rights activists weren't happy. Again, she performed to make her comeback but this time, she didn't know her dance steps and didn't know her lyrics. She was lipsynching.

I don't know how the MTV VMA manages to shock us year after year. They seem to always pull a trick or two. I hope they come up with a show that would really be nothing else but a celebration of music and the ones who make them. Wait, I think that's what they are doing.

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