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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ps3 Update 3.56

The constant updates to the Sony Playstation 3 are a little tedious. But the constant high demanding market is the reason for these changes, and this is why.
Why All the PS3 Updates?
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The Sony PlayStation 3 is by far the best gaming console on the market. Though for some reason people are still comparing the PS3 to the Microsoft Xbox 360, but we all now what console is better.

One of the best features of the Sony Playstation 3 is that you can choose what version of the console you want, which right now it is either an 80GB hard drive or the 120 GB hard drive. But you can also increase the hard drive space manually, but that's a whole different story.

From this point on games and media will become more advanced, eventually to the point where it looks like the graphics are those of real life. Due to these changes, it is majorly important that gaming consoles have the memory and proper diagnostics to support these changes without problems.

Recently it seems that Sony is coming out with new versions of the Playstation every other day. Though this seems strange and annoying at the same time, its all for the better as Sony is testing what works and what does not. Which I see it as a good sign, because it means that Sony is putting all there effort into making the Sony Playstation 3 the best gaming console for the consumer. Not to mention that the integrated Blu-Ray player was a big risk on Sony's part, and it has paid off with flying colors, have you seen any other gaming console take that big of a risk?

The current demanding market wants only the consoles that can bring hard core gaming entertainment, especially with graphics, performance and enough hard drive storage. The larger the storage the better that specific machine will be.

The more storage and/or hard drive space a console has, the faster and smoother it will run, not to mention you will be able to save almost any game file to its maximum and never have to worry about overloading the machine. So it's quite obvious that the always occurring changes are a big must, another reason that these changes are so important is so the popular uprising in internet gaming can become more sophisticated.

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