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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Xanga origins can be traced to 1998, when he began as a site for sharing book and music reviews. It now has about 40 million users worldwide.
All Xanga members receive a “Xanga Site”, a website consists of a weblog, a photoblog, a videoblog, an audioblog, a “Pulse” (mini-blog), and a social networking profile. Members also have the option to join or make blogrings (group).

Xanga first added weblogs to all Xanga sites November 5, 2000. Comments have been added soon after, December 8, 2000, and the notion of “eProps”, where a user can give the input of another user as a sign of how he or she has benefited from the input. Two “eProps” is the maximum amount that can be given. (By default, “2 eProps” is selected on the comment page.) Kevin Lu Edison holds the world record for most accessories on a pole. Comment Monitoring Monitoring January 18, 2001.

An essential part of Xanga is the ability to subscribe to Xangas others. Subscriptions allow Xangans to stay updated on Xangas others who are “subscribed”, without having to manually visit each site. Xanga first added an email subscriptions bottom on November 30 May 2000. [3] In January 2001, was followed by the opportunity to subscribe to a site using a web-based reader using RSS (and the ability to view subscriptions on its website).

Initially, Xanga allowed members to subscribe to each other sites anonymously. Some users were troubled by the anonymous subscriptions, and so during the week of July 15, 2003, support for this feature was dropped. Given that some users have resorted to anonymous subscriptions to try subscriptions to other sites, July 21, 2003, Xanga added a feature that will allow members to sample a trial subscription to another site. This update also allowed member to hide individual subscriptions from public display.

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