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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Australia Cyclone

Cyclone Yasi Wipes Out The Mess Left By The Floods
By Harold Hisona.Level: Platinum. Harold is a writer with more than 3 years of experience writing in different niches.

Cyclone Yasi which is a category 5 super storm hit Australia, specifically Queensland, and destroyed millions of properties and lives. Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that Yasi is probably the worst cyclone to ever hit Australia.

Just about three weeks ago, the government of Australia proclaimed that it could take years and years to bring the cities affected by flood back on their feet; however, Yasi is getting in the way to realize such plans. With rushing winds more than 280 km/h, the cyclone will surely damage more properties and establishments than the flood did.

The super storm hit Australia with thousands of residents trying to fit into evacuation centers just to be safe. Those people were expecting that after the storm has passed, they could go back to their homes and start to make their lives better, however, the properties they have invested for years were wiped out in a blink; they have nothing to return to.

Literally, the mess that the floods left has been wiped out by the strong winds and rains of Yasi. Now, the question that the people of Australia are how long Queensland will be able to recover from the disasters it has received in the first two months of the year 2011. If it would take years for it to recover from the flood, how many years would the restoration be after the super storm?

The people of Innisfail are more experienced when it comes to cyclone survival techniques because they are used to these kinds of disasters. In 2006, cyclone Larry literally destroyed the town and it happened again. But what the mayor, Bill Shannon, don't want to happen is when lives are lost. He said that it is understandable that houses and buildings will be destroyed as they can easily be built after the storm. But lives cannot be restored when destroyed.

The only assurance that the Prime Minister, Gillard, gave is that all the people of Australia are thinking of those who were victimized by Yasi. But as the storm progresses, that's what the federal government can do because rescuers cannot even be dispatched to help others; the government is also thinking for the safety of the rescuers. It is only after the storm has passed that they can help others.

For people who are left behind or don't want to stay in evacuation centers are on their own. They were advised to get enough food, water and other things they may need during the storm. However, they were also advised that no one will be available to help them should things happen during the progression of the cyclone.

The cyclone Yasi is the worst and most costly disaster in the history of Australia. Further details about the latest happenings in Australia are accessible at several news sites, particularly in the sites offering Australian news. You can also learn what the Australian government is doing to help the citizens through latest political news section.

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