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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gossip Girl

Now that we sort of know what new "Gossip Girl" resident Charlie Rhodes is all about—via her debut as a long-lost Van Der Woodsen on last night's new episode—and from what actress KayLee DeFer could tell us last week, it's time to start speculating as to just what kind of trouble she'll get into over the course of the next few episodes, and how long she'll stick around.

"I hope I can return next season, that would be amazing," she said. "I love New York, I really got along with the cast, that would be great. I wish it was [like] 'American Idol' and everyone could vote for me, like, 'Vote for Charlie,' I'm number one," she said with a laugh, making the 0 and 1 with her hand. "It's like, 'Dial this number, I'm 0-1.'"

When asked whether any of the established ladies on the show need to watch their backs or, more importantly, their men, Kaylee said that, since this is "Gossip Girl," basically everyone and everything is fair game.

"I think all the Upper East Side ladies need to watch out," she said with a smile. "Charlie's in town and she might shake some stuff up for sure... I mean, she is part of the [Van der Woodsen] family."

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